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Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game. It is spread at most casinos where live poker is played and is by far the most popular game in online poker rooms. The game is thought to have its root in Texas and the tales says that it begun in an army lodgement where ten players wanted to participate. Due to the shortage of cards in order to play draw poker they decided to have a number of community cards. This idea shaped into what today is called Texas Hold’em or Holdem. The objective is to make the winning hand combination out of a maximum of seven cards (your two hole and five community cards). Of course if everybody folds when you raise before the flop or when you bet on some of the round you will win regardless of your hand but if there is a showdown the highest combination of the seven cards will win. You can make your winning combination by using one, both or none of your hole so if you have AA and the table is 4,5,6,7,8 you have a straight. If you have A9 in the same situation you have a 9 high straight and will thus beat a player with two aces. Frequently you will end up splitting the pot with one or more other players since the board itself or in combination with one of your hole cards makes the best combination.

The number of seats available at a Texas Hold’em table online usually is for nine or ten, but most sites also provide tables for five or six players giving you the choice to play fewer opponents. A button marked ‘D’ is passed around the table indicating where the next hand is to start.

Starting a new hand – Blind Posting
The new hand starts with the posting of blinds. The responsibility to post the blinds rotates round the table at the two positions left to the dealers. The small blind posted by the player directly to the left of the dealer button (usually half the value of a small bet) and the big blind (the value of the big bet). In $10-$20 Texas Hold’em the small blind is $5 and the big blind $10.

Hole Cards are dealt
Each Player participating in the hand receives to hole cards also called pocket cards. The first two cards are very important in Hold’em and decide together with a number of other factors how you should continue. The best possible hand dealt is AA also called pocket rockets or American airlines. Possible actions (limited depending on previous action during the round is to: call, raise, reraise or fold

The Flop
When all the betting is done in this round referred to as the ‘Pre Flop’ round the flop is dealt. Three cards are dealt from the deck and placed on the middle of the table. Together with your pocket cards that makes five cards and you will now have a good indication whether or not you have a good hand. With two pocket aces and two aces in the flop you are in a very good shape but in many situations the judgements will be more complex. Depending on the flop you can again choose to:

- check, call ,raise, reraise or fold

During the two first rounds bets are made according to the small bet in limit games; the next two round the bets will increase to the big bet.

The turn
A fourth card is added to the board called the turn. Again players may check, call, fold, bet, raise or reraise depending on the action in the betting round.

The river
The fifth and last card, the river is placed on the middle of the table and the final betting round takes place. Again players may check, call, fold, bet, raise and reraise depending on the action in the round.

The showdown
If more than one player is left after the last betting round a showdown takes place where the remaining players show their cards. The winning player or players will win the pot.

Big river Texas Hold'em is played is played exactly the same way until the last card, the river is dealt. During this final round the bet size can be increased up to five times. At Big Bet offering this variation the bets the last round is either a usuall big bet whilst Victorias Poker offers a spread limit structure this hand up to a maximum of five times the big bet.


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Another source for poker rules is Play Live Poker

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